Lights & Siren Podcasts

Lights, Siren Action: Should Ambulances Use Their Lights and Siren?

Melia Murphy, a student at The Clinton School, explores the safety and effectiveness of lights and siren from the perspective of a 8th grader in NYC. The podcast featuring several faculty from the NEMSQA L&S Collaborative, Jeff Jarvis, Bryan Wilson, Mike Taigman and Rick Ferron, was created for the NPR Student Podcast Challenge with the goal of educating the general public on the appropriate and safe use of L&S. 


EMS Lighthouse Project Podcast: The Lights & Siren Collaborative

Dr. Jarvis interviews several EMS industry leaders including Drs. Doug Kupas, Lawrence Brown, Michael Redlener, and Mike Taigman discussing why we should use Red Lights & Sirens as a clinical intervention and only as indicated. This podcast is part of the first-ever national EMS quality improvement effort led by NEMSQA.  You can listen in segments on YouTube.

NEMSQA Quality Measures Podcasts

Reinventing Recert Podcast Featuring NEMSQA 

NEMSQA: What are Measures, and How can They Drive System Improvement

Jeff Jarvis and Megan Hollern from the NEMSQA BOD are guests on this episode to talk about the how NEMSQA is working to improve the EMS system.  You will learn what a measure is, how to decide if a measure is meaningful or not, and how you can use measures to improve the EMS system.